LP010 Round Lip Gloss Tube Cosmetic Small Capacity Tube Supplier

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Round tube, compact and unique design, including bottle body, bottle cap, inner plug, and brush applicator, making it easy and comfortable to use.
Suitable for lip gloss, eye shadow, highlight and other makeup products.

  • Product No.: LP010
  • Capacity: 2.5ml
  • Material: ABS;PP;PE;PETG
  • Color: Transparent, or your pantone color
  • Application: Lip glaze, lip oil, lip essence, etc.

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As a lip gloss tubes supplier, we offer a wide range of empty lip gloss tubes styles including clear, solid, glossy and matte lipgloss tubes with exquisite printing and decorating and other crafts, wholesale customized empty lip gloss tubes.

Features and advantages

The lip gloss of the mouth of the spiral structure, tight mouth, no staining on the edge ring, sealed and easy to carry.

The high-transparent, thick and textured PETG bottle body is as crystal clear as glass. The PETG material is very high-quality, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. It can come into direct contact with internal skincare and make-up products and is very resistant to falling. Even if the bottle is accidentally dropped on the ground during use, the bottle will not break.

The fluffy brush tip is very comfortable on the mouth, as if you are doing a SPA! There is also a groove on the brush head, which can dip an appropriate amount of lip glaze at one time and apply it to the lips easily.

The tube is small and light as a whole, easy to transport or carry, whether it is daily or travel, it is very convenient and simple to carry out.


Size and Materials


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