PA132 Rotary Airless Pump Lotion Bottles 30ml 50ml Skincare Bottle Supplier

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This Rotary Airless Bottle has a rotatable locking pump head! Container has a capacity of 30ml, 50ml and is made from PP plastic eco-friendly material.

  • Product Name: PA132 Airless Bottle
  • Size: 30ml, 50ml
  • Material: PP
  • Color: Customized
  • Usage: Lotion, serum, foundation, sunscreen
  • Decoration: Plating, painting, silkscreen printing, hot-stamping, label
  • Features: Airless pump, rotary pump, round

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Product Description

※Our round vacuum bottle does not have a suction tube, but has a diaphragm that can be raised to discharge the product. When the user presses the pump, a vacuum effect is created, drawing product upward. Consumers can use almost any product without leaving any waste.

※The vacuum bottle is made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials, is lightweight and portable, and is ideal for use as a travel set without worrying about leakage.

※The rotating pump head can be locked to prevent accidentally touching the inner material from overflowing

※Available in two specifications: 30ml and 50ml. The shape is round and straight, simple and textured. All made of PP plastic.

PA132 airless bottle (1)
PA132 airless bottle (5)

Main structural features:

Pump  - Press and rotate the pump head to create a vacuum through the pump to extract the product.

Piston - Inside the bottle, used to hold beauty products.

Bottle - Single wall bottle, the bottle is made of sturdy and drop-proof material, no need to worry about breakage

Base - The base has a hole in the center that creates a vacuum effect and allows air to be drawn in.

PA132 Airless bottle

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