TA11 Double Wall Airless Pouch Bottle Patented Cosmetic Bottle

Short Description:

A revolutionary packaging solution, the TA11 double-wall pouch airless  bottle not only guarantees your product’s prime condition during usage but also addresses the current market’s call for sustainable and efficient packaging. The airless coametic bottle is an ideal choice for both high-end brands that focus on formula quality and consumers seeking eco-friendly packaging.

  • Model NO.: TA11
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Material: AS, PP, PETG, EVOH, PP/PE
  • Service: OEM ODM Private Label
  • Option: Custom color and printing
  • Sample: Available
  • MOQ: 10000
  • Usage: Toner, lotion, cream

Product Detail

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Product Principle

Outer Bottle Design: the outer bottle of Double Wall Airless Pouch Bottle is equipped with ventilation holes, which are connected to the inner cavity of the outer bottle. This design ensures that the air pressure inside and outside the outer bottle remains balanced during the shrinkage of the inner bottle, preventing the inner bottle from deforming or breaking.

Inner Bottle Function: The inner bottle shrinks as the filler decreases. This self-priming design ensures that the product inside the bottle is fully utilised during use, ensuring that every drop of product can be used effectively and minimising waste.

Main Features

Reduces Product Residue:

Full Utilisation: consumers can make full use of the product they have purchased. This double wall design significantly reduces product residue compared to conventional lotion bottles.

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Disadvantages of Conventional Lotion Bottles: Conventional lotion bottles usually come with a draw tube dispensing pump that leaves residue at the bottom of the bottle after use. In contrast, the PA140 Airless Cosmetic Bottle Inner Capsule Bottle has a self-priming design (no suction back) that ensures product exhaustion and reduces residue.

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Airless Design:

Maintains Freshness: The vacuum environment keeps the product fresh and natural, preventing outside air from entering, avoiding oxidation and contamination, and helping to create a sensitive and high-quality formula.

No Preservative Requirement: 100% vacuum sealing ensures a non-toxic and safe formula without the need for added preservatives, resulting in a healthier and safer product.

Eco-friendly Packaging:

Recyclable Material: Use of recyclable PP material reduces the impact on the environment, responding to the need for environmental protection and sustainable development.

PCR Material Option: PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) material can be used as an option to further reduce the ecological footprint, reflecting the company's commitment to environmental protection.

EVOH Ultimate Oxygen Isolation:

Highly Effective Barrier: EVOH material provides the ultimate oxygen barrier, offering high protection for sensitive formulations and preventing product deterioration due to oxidation during storage and use.

Extended Shelf Life: This efficient oxygen barrier extends the shelf life of the product, ensuring that it remains in optimal condition throughout its life cycle.

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