TU06 PCR Cosmetic Tube Green Cosmetic Eco-friendly Squeeze Tube

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Topfeelpack offer high quality recycled tube packaging and the PCR material ranges to 30% . 100g PCR cosmetic tube with bamboo screw cap and flip cap for the perfect balance of aesthetics and sustainability. They can be applied on many market, such as personal care, cosmetic, oral, medicine and so on.

  • Type: Cosmetic Tube
  • Model Number: TU06 pcr
  • Capacity: Flexible capacity
  • Apply: Cosmetic, skincare, oral, pharmacy
  • Printing: Silkscreen printing, offset printing, hot-stamping, 3D printing
  • Color: Customized colors
  • Feature: Eco-friendly material, available caps
  • Material: PP, PCR tubes

Product Detail

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Item number: TU06

Item TU06 is a PCR and Bio-based PE plastic cosmetic tube designed for Beauty and Personal Care. It can also be made 100% PE with EVOH.


Cometic Usage

100ml cosmetic tube packaging for Face Cleanser, Facial Repair Cream, Makeup Cleanser, Men's Aftershave Cream, Mask, Moisturizer etc. ( Cosmetic tube packaging, wholesale cream tube, body lotion tube, sustainable squeeze tube, recycable tube, China skincare tube)

Tube Capacity

The size/capacity of the tube can be customized. According to the tube capacity and different diameter requirements, we will give the corresponding tube length.


The tube can be matched with screw cap, flip cap, disc cap, airless pumps according to your needs.

We have more 1,000 style caps for choices


pcr eco friendly plastic tube (6)



What material is PCR?

PCR plastics refer to any type of plastic material that is made from post-consumer resins. The PCR plastic cosmetic tube specially means the  recycled PE material. 

Can PCR material be recycled again?

PCR tube packaging is manufactured with recycled PE materials. In general, PCR packaging cannot be recycled again since it's already made from recycled materials. This allows brands to fulfill their sustainability goals, without relying on the consumer to recycle or compost the package after use. Anyways, Using recycled materials diverts waste from ending up in the landfill. From April 2022, the UK will impose an additional tax on packaging to meet 30% PCR. By doing this, the use of plastics will increase, reducing global carbon dioxide emissions and achieving sustainable development. This also poses challenges to the production of PCR packaging, such as purification technology, production capacity, material properties, etc., because these conditions currently have a great impact on the price of the materials.

What are the advantages of TU06 tube?

TU06 cosmetic tubes can be produced not only with PCR material, but also with bio-based sugarcane material. It has a standard neck so that it can match various screw caps (single or double layer) and flip caps. Of course, we can also change the neck style to match other styles of airless pump heads.

How should I choose a suitable tube?

First, there is a clear product or brand style, and the usage. Next, we can start with the plastic tube itself. Common plastic tube have 2-layer plastic tubes and 5-layer plastic tube, which have different usage. The 5-layer tube has 2 adhesive layers and an EVOH barrier, so it is more suitable for products with SPF values. You can click the article here to learn about them. 

How should I place an order for cosmetic tube?

Tell us the capacity and tube length you need, we will choose the appropriate diameter for you, and provide you with printing area , so that you can complete the design within the scope and send to us. Then, we will make an accurate quotation according to your design. Of course, if you already have a very clear design idea, you can tell us the description of the decorations. Of course, first you need to send us an email info@topfeelgroup.com, I think we need a preliminary understanding, after receiving the email, a professional sales representative will be assigned to follow up your case.

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