Refillable Cream Jar

Short Description:

Refillable Cream Jar

  • Type:: Refillable Cream Jar Cosmetics Packaging
  • Model Number:: PJ47
  • Capacity:: 50g
  • Services:: OEM,ODM
  • Brand Name:: Topfeelpack
  • Usage:: Cosmetic Packaging

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Refillable Cream Jar

This refill cup locks into your refillable jar. Peel offf the foil, then assemble immediately.

Designed to be used with the reusable components in the starter kit.

1. Specifications

PJ42  PP Material Refillable Bottle, 100% raw material, ISO9001, SGS, GMP Workshop, Any color, decorations, Free samples

2Product Usage: Skin Care, Facial Cleanser, Toner, Lotion, Cream, BB Cream, Liquid Foundation, Essence, Serum

3. Features:
(1).Newly environment-friendly design: Run out, Replace, Reuse.
(2).Airless function design: No need touch the product to avoid contamination.
(3).Elegant thick wall outer design: durable and recyclable.
(4).Help brand develop market by 1+1 refillable cup.
(5).Easy to use: Refill pod locks into refillable jar. Peel off the foil, then assemble immediately.

4. Appllications:
Face serum bottle
Facce mositurizer bottle
Eye care essence bottle
Eye care serum bottle
Skin care serum bottle
Skin care lotion bottle
Skin care essence bottle
Body lotion bottle
Cosmetic toner bottle

5Product Size & Material:







6Product Components: Cap, Inner bottle, Outer Bottle

7. Optional Decoration: Plating, Spray-painting, Aluminium Cover, Hot Stamping, Silk Screen Printing, Thermal Transfer Printing.




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