TE16 Dropper for Serum 10ml 15ml Wholesale Package

Short Description:

Press the silicone dropper from above, and the formula will come out from below. It can be used for moisturizing lotion, serum, non-sticky cream, etc.

  • Model No.: TE16 Dropper
  • Capacity: 10ml/15ml
  • Application: Toner, moisturizer, lotion,serum
  • Color: Your Pantone Color
  • Decoration: Plating, painting, silkscreen printing, hot-stamping, label

Product Detail

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About the Product

Full Plastic

100% BPA free, odorless, durable, light-weight and extremely rugged.

Chemical Resistance: Diluted bases and acids don’t react readily with the product material, which makes it a good choice for containers of cosmetic ingredients and formulas.

Elasticity and Toughness: This material will act with elasticity over a certain range of deflection, and it is generally considered a "tough" material.

TE16 dropper 5

About the Usage:

Air pump technology instead of a pump with a straw. 

It is recommended to use the emulsion dispenser bottle in the following products, such as:

  • Bottle for moisturizing skin care.
  • Bottle for man skincare.
  • Bottle for makeup, like trimming products.
  • Bottle for antioxidant skin care.


*Reminder: As a skincare lotion bottle supplier, we recommend that customers ask/order samples and carry out compatibility testing in their formula plant.



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