PD04 150ml 200ml Big Size PCR Dropper Bottle for Body Essential Oil

Short Description:

Body Essential Oil Dropper Bottle

  • Model No.: PD04
  • Capacity: 150ml 200ml
  • Closure Style: Screw cap with rubber nipple
  • Material: 100% Raw PET or PCR
  • Surface: Natural gloss
  • Application: Essence, serum
  • Printing: Private service
  • Decoration: Color matte painting, metal plating

Product Detail

Product Tags

100% PP-PCR Oval Shaped Airless Pump Bottle

Product Information

Component: cap, bottle.

Material: rubber nipple, eco-friendly PP shoulder, glass pipe, PET-PCR bottle.

Available capacity: 150ml 200ml , also available for 15ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml and custom sizes.

Model No. Capacity Parameter Remark
PD04 200ml Full height 152mm

Bottle Height 111mm

Diameter 50mm

For boy care, essencial oil, serum


Many essential oils cannot be exposed to high UV light or the sun. Thus, many dropper bottles are made in a darker shade, so that the liquids inside them can stay protected. Like the amber or other UV colored dropper bottles are designed to protect the contents of skincare from sunlight. Since optical performance of PET plastic material is very good, the clear dropper bottles are designed for general use and have a clear sight allowing you to determine the color of the formula liquid used easily.


Other advantages of this item is lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to transport or carry and avoid the risk of fragmentation during squeezing and bumping.

Many people think that plastic materials are not good for the environment, but this materials have stable and durable perfemence. They are BPA free and almost non-toxic. At the same time, since we can produce it with PCR and degradable raw materials, which are friendly to the environment.



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