PA101 PA101A Cute Airless Dispenser Bottles Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Supplier

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This product is mainly made of PP and PE, and at the same time can support PCR. with the shape of the round lid, the round dun is exceptionally cute, with the small lid is fresh, and there are two kinds of lids for you to choose.

  • Product Name: PA101 Airless bottle PA101A Airless bottle
  • Size: 30ml, 50ml, 100ml
  • Material: PP, PE
  • Color: Customized
  • Usage: Special for serum, lotion, toner, moisturer
  • Decoration: Printing, painting, plating supported
  • Features: High-end, eco-friendly, durable, odorless

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About the shape of the Airless Dispenser Bottles

This is a skincare product packaging for mothers and babies, the shape is simple and rounded and soft, the colors are low saturation yellow, pink and beige, reflecting a healthy and soft feeling, of course, the color can be customized according to your needs. A good product packaging should be able to reflect the characteristics of the product, efficacy, visual and natural and comfortable with a natural feeling.

Our lovely airless cosmetic bottles, cylindrical shape, rounded corners, soft lines, shoulders and lids are chubby and rounded, there are two styles of lids to choose from, allowing you to switch back and forth between simplicity and cuteness. It can support 30ml, 50ml, 100ml capacity. Its lovely appearance design, with strong affinity and attraction, full of childish meaning of the unique shape, very suitable for mother and baby type lotion and cream products.

About the security of eco-friendly cosmetic packaging bottle

PP material airless bottle maximizes the health and safety of mother and baby. Smooth appearance, comfortable touch, no sharp edges, no bumpy foreign body feeling. PP material is food-grade environmentally friendly material, non-toxic, tasteless and odorless, not only recyclable, but also has the characteristics of degradation, which can greatly reduce the white pollution brought about by the environmental problems.

Most importantly, the airless pump bottle can completely isolate the contents from the air, avoiding oxidization and deterioration in contact with air, breeding bacteria, and maintaining the activity of raw materials. Especially the products used by babies, can not add preservatives and other stimulating ingredients, which is more demanding on the packaging of skin care products, our products in this regard is no problem, airless bottle is the best packaging solution for baby skin care products.


Item Size(ml Parametermm Material
PA101 30ml D49*95mm          Bottle: PP

Cap: PP

Pump: PP

Shoulder: PP

Piston: PE

PA101 50ml D49*109mm
PA101 100ml D49*140mm
PA101A 30ml D49*91mm
PA101A 50ml D49*105mm
PA101A 100ml D49*137mm


PA101 PA101A Cute Airless Bottle-size

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