PA139 PP-PCR Airless Bottle 50/100ml Refillable Bottle Wholesale

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This Vacuum Pump Bottle is a great choice for your cosmetic packaging needs! Container has a capacity of 50ml, 100ml and is made from PP plastic. 

  • Product Name: PA139 Airless Bottle
  • Size: 50ml, 100ml
  • Material: PP/PCR
  • Color: Customized
  • Usage: Lotion, serum, eye cream, essence, foundation
  • Decoration: Plating, painting, silkscreen printing, hot-stamping, label
  • Features: Airless pump, metal-free, round

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※Our vacuum bottle does not have a suction tube, but a diaphragm that can be raised to discharge the product. When the user presses the pump, a vacuum effect is created, drawing product upward. Consumers can use almost any product without leaving any waste.

※The vacuum bottle is made of safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. It is lightweight and easy to carry. It is very suitable for use as a travel set without worrying about leakage.

※The one-hand airless pump is super easy to use, the inner tank is replaceable, environmentally friendly and practical

※There are 50ml and 100ml available, all made of PP plastic, and the whole bottle can be made of PCR material.

PA139- Refillable Airless Bottle-8
PA139- Refillable Airless Bottle-4

Main structural features:

Lid - Rounded corners, very rounded and lovely.

Base - There is a hole in the center of the base that creates a vacuum effect and allows air to be drawn in.

Plate - Inside the bottle is a plate or disk where beauty products are placed.

Pump - a press-on vacuum pump that works through the pump to create a vacuum effect to extract the product.

Bottle - Single walled bottle, the bottle is made of sturdy and drop resistant material, no need to worry about breakage.

PA139- Size

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