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Our airless pump jars feature a convenient push-button design for ease of use and help prevent product waste. This design also helps to keep fingers clean from contact with makeup or skin care products.If required, PP-PCR material can be supplied.

  • Model No.: PJ80 Cream Jar
  • Capacity: 5og, 100g
  • Material: All PP/PCR
  • Application: Cream, moisturizer, gel, body scrubs
  • Printing: Private print, labeling, hot-stamping
  • Service: OEM/ODM
  • Features: High quality, 100% BPA free, odourless and durable.

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About airless cosmetic containers

Airless cream jars are an innovative packaging design which offer an alternative to vacuum pump bottles. Airless jars allow the user to dispense and apply the product without having to put their fingers into the container, ideal for thicker creams, gels and lotions that are not normally supplied in bottle form. This greatly reduces the risk of oxidation and the introduction of bacteria which could spoil the product. For beauty brands launching formulations with natural preservatives, natural ingredients or oxygen sensitive antioxidants, airless jars are an excellent choice. Airless technology can extend product shelf life by up to 15% by limiting contact with oxygen.

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About PP/PCR material

One of the most important aspects of PCR plastics is their environmental credentials. PCR recycles plastics from the oceans by utilising materials already in the supply chain. Using PCR reduces your carbon footprint. Manufacturing packaging from post-consumer materials requires less energy and fossil fuel consumption. In addition, PCR plastics are highly malleable and can be made into any desired shape or size.

With legislation mandating the use of post-consumer recycled materials in many countries around the world, being one step ahead will help you comply. Using PCR adds a responsible element to your brand and shows your market that you care. The process of recycling, cleaning, sorting and recovery can be costly. But these costs can be offset by proper marketing and positioning. Many consumers are willing to pay a higher price for products packaged with PCR, making your product more valuable and potentially more profitable.

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