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The PB15 All-Plastic Spray Pump Cosmetic Bottle is an eco-friendly and versatile packaging solution designed for a variety of cosmetic applications. Crafted entirely from recyclable plastic, this bottle offers a sustainable option for brands looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Its user-friendly spray pump mechanism delivers a fine, consistent mist, making it ideal for facial mists, hair sprays, body sprays, and toners. 

  • Model NO.: PB15
  • Capacity: 60ml/80ml/100ml
  • Material: PP, PET
  • Service: OEM ODM Private Label
  • Option: Custom color and printing
  • Sample: Available
  • MOQ: 10000
  • Usage: Facial mists, hair sprays, body sprays, and toners

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About PB15 All-Plastic Spray Pump Cosmetic Bottle

1. Eco-Friendly Design

The PB15 All-Plastic Spray Pump Cosmetic Bottle is crafted entirely from plastic, making it fully recyclable. This design aligns with the growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging solutions. By choosing the PB15, you contribute to reducing environmental impact and promoting a circular economy, which can enhance your brand's reputation and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

2. Versatile Application

This spray pump bottle is highly versatile and suitable for a wide range of cosmetic products, including:

Facial Mists: Delivering a fine, even mist for refreshing and hydrating the skin.

Hair Sprays: Perfect for styling products that require a light, even application.

Body Sprays: Ideal for perfumes, deodorants, and other body care products.

Toners and Essences: Ensuring precise application without waste.

3. User-Friendly Operation

The PB15 features an easy-to-use spray pump mechanism that provides a smooth and consistent spray with each use. The ergonomic design ensures comfortable handling, making it convenient for daily use. This user-friendly operation enhances the overall consumer experience, making your products more appealing.

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4. Customizable Design

Customization is crucial for brand differentiation, and the PB15 All-Plastic Spray Pump Cosmetic Bottle offers ample opportunities for personalization. You can choose from various colors, finishes, and labeling options to match your brand's aesthetic and create a cohesive product line. Customization options include:

Color Matching: Tailor the bottle color to your brand's identity.

Labeling and Printing: Add your logo, product information, and decorative elements with high-quality printing techniques.

Finish Options: Select from matte, glossy, or frosted finishes to achieve the desired look and feel.

5. Durable and Lightweight

Made from high-quality plastic, the PB15 is both durable and lightweight. Its robust construction ensures that it can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, while its lightweight nature makes it convenient for consumers to carry and use on the go. This combination of durability and portability adds to the overall value of the product.

Why Choose PB15 for Your Brand?

In a competitive market, standing out with high-quality, sustainable, and user-friendly packaging can make a significant difference. Here’s why the PB15 All-Plastic Spray Pump Cosmetic Bottle is an excellent choice for your brand:

Sustainability: By opting for an all-plastic, recyclable bottle, you demonstrate your commitment to environmental responsibility, which can attract eco-conscious consumers.

Versatility: The PB15's wide range of applications allows you to use it for various products, streamlining your packaging needs.

Customization: The ability to customize the bottle to your brand's specifications helps create a unique and cohesive product line.

Consumer Satisfaction: The user-friendly design and leak-proof features ensure a positive experience for your customers, encouraging repeat purchases.

Item Capacity Parameter Material
PB15 60ml D36*116mm Cap:PP
PB15 80ml D36*139mm
PB15 100ml D36*160mm

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