Boston PET PCR Shampoo Bottle with Metal-free Pump

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Boston PET PCR Shampoo Bottle with Metal-free Pump

  • Model No.: TB07-1
  • Capacity: 300ml 400ml 500ml
  • Closure Style: Metal-free Pump
  • Material: PET-PCR
  • Surface: Natural gloss
  • Application: Shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, gel, hand wash
  • Printing: Private service
  • Decoration: Color matte painting, metal plating

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PET-PCR Boston Shaped Blowing Bottle 200ml 300ml 400ml 500ml

The pump is formed by the latest research and development metal-free style in 2021. Available in 200ml, 300ml, 400ml, 500ml 1000ml TB07 Boston shaped Shampoo bottle.

In the mockup below, you can find that the button with the shoulder sleeve has a plastic spring like the organ tube. Its material is TPE, Its material is TPE, which has good elasticity and resistance.

And also, the plastic structure is similar to the PET material, so it is very good to recycale, donot have to separate it.


We match the bottle model TB07,which is a very classic bottle packaging in skincare and household industry. Suitable for moisturizer, body lotion, shower gel, hand wash, shampoo products. 

And it is the Top Sale item is our company with millions export per year.

The most important news that we try with PCR and PLA material and achieved succeful is on it. 


If you are intersted in this pump but want more bottle choices, we can also provide variety square, cylindrical, or custom a private molds for you.

Cosmetic packaging without metal springs is a new trend. ODM factories and brands need a kind of pump bottle that is easy to enter the recycling system without sorting. It is worth noting that you can see two different mono material pump in the video. One type of spring is made like an organ tube and placed on the outside, while the other is inside the pump.

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