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Made of high-quality, durable and non-toxic plastic, this airless bottle is reusable. Exquisite airless pump head design, high quality and environmental protection, can control the precise dosage by squeezing the side silicone, and make the internal material flow smoothly. Lightweight and portable, it’s the right size for your travels.

  • Product Model: TE14 Airless Syringe Bottle
  • Capacity: 10ml
  • Service: OEM, ODM
  • Material: PETG, PP
  • Color: Your pantone color
  • Sample: Available with free
  • Features: High quality, durable and compact

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Are you still confused about choosing packaging for eye cream or eye essence?

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See here, congratulations! Because you have found the best supplier for airless serum pump bottle. We are committed to providing the best solution for our customers. Topfeelpack's philosophy is "people-oriented, pursuit of perfection", we not only provide every customer with high-quality and exquisite products, but also provide personalized services, and strive to achieve perfection and meet customer needs.

You can see this 10ml airless pump bottle eye care package. It is shaped like a syringe and a dropper. Unlike other products, it uses a silicone press tab on the side, and pressing the tab allows the lotion inside the bottle to flow out.

This airless eye cream empty bottle is made of high-quality, durable, non-toxic plastic and is reusable. Lightweight and portable, suitable size, easy to carry out. And it is well sealed, effectively avoiding unnecessary waste caused by leakage.

Known for its ability to block oxygen and maintain the integrity of formulations, airless packaging is ideal for luxury skincare products, eye creams, serums and lotions. Exquisite pump head design, high quality and environmental protection, smooth liquid flow. Airless bottles seal the product from the air inside, effectively preventing contamination. Airless technology has an oxygen barrier that is perfect for keeping products fresh.

TE14 Airless Syringe Bottle 6
Item Size Parameter Material
TE14 10ml D16.5*H145mm Cap: PETG

Bottle: PETG

Press tab: Silicone

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