TE15 TE15-1 Empty Eye Cream Airless Bottle With Massage Head Wholesale

Short Description:

The ball head of this eye cream has two types: the zinc alloy head is more suitable for small-scale scraping massage on the eye sockets and under the eyes, which can help the product absorb better and eliminate edema; the round ball head is more suitable for rolling and massaging around the eyes to promote blood circulation. Both of these are massage head design and full vacuum packaging design, which is your best choice.

  • Product Model: TE15 Airless Syringe Bottle, TE15-1 Airless Syringe Bottle
  • Capacity: 7.5ml, 10ml, 15ml
  • Service: OEM, ODM
  • Material: PETG, MS, PP, Aluminum
  • Color: Your pantone color
  • MOQ: 10000
  • Features: Massage head design, vacuum packing, high quality material

Product Detail

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A. Made of PP, PETG high-quality plastic material, durable, BPA free, free of harmful chemicals, safe to use.

B. It can be used as an eye cream tube, essence bottle, lotion bottle, essential oil bottle, moisturizing cream bottle, etc.

C. The vacuum bottle can isolate the product in the bottle from the air, effectively prevent pollution, good sealing, prevent skin care products from leaking, and bring more confidence.

D. Portable size, suitable for travel and DIY, can be conveniently put in your bag.

E. Massage head design, you can freely choose zinc alloy massage head or ball massage head, both of them can massage the eye area and cooperate with the product to relieve eye fatigue.

Zinc Alloy Massage Head

Unique zinc alloy massage head, cool at low temperature, very comfortable to use, icy cool. 45° inclined to fit the skin, the inclined surface design conforms to human mechanics, precisely massages the eye area, promotes the circulation of the eye area , and reverses the tired eye area.

Roller Ball Massage Head

The design of the small ball is different from that of other eye cream bottles. The round ball rotates around the eyes, helping to cool down and soothe the eye area, and promote blood circulation in the eye skin. It is very comfortable to use, just like doing a SPA for the eye area.


The massage head design can dilute the fine lines on the forehead, eyes, face, mouth, and neck, improve skin elasticity, and show youth.


Step 1 Press out an appropriate amount of eye cream, use the massage head to apply the eye cream to the eye area,

Step 2 Gently rotate from the head of the eye to the end of the eye, then from the temple to the inner corner of the eye, massage against the direction of wrinkle growth until absorbed.

Step 3 Finally, massage in small circles under the eyes to better lighten dark circles and promote absorption.


Wrong ways

Vigorous massage

Pull back and forth

Massage in the direction of wrinkle growth

TE15 Airless Syringe Bottle3
Item Size Massage Head Parameter


TE15-1 7.5ml Roller Ball Head D19.6*108.6mm Bottle: PETG


Cap: MS


Button: PP


Shoulder: PP


Bottom support: Aluminum

Zinc Alloy Head D19.6*108.6mm
TE15-1 10ml Roller Ball Head D19.6*126.8mm
Zinc Alloy Head D19.6*126.8mm
TE15-1 15ml Roller Ball Head D20.3*153.3mm
Zinc Alloy Head D20.3*153.3mm
TE15 7.5ml Roller Ball Head D19.6*108.6mm
Zinc Alloy Head D19.6*108.6mm
TE15 10ml Roller Ball Head D19.6*126.8mm
Zinc Alloy Head D19.6*126.8mm
TE15 15ml Roller Ball Head D20.3*153.3mm
Zinc Alloy Head D20.3*153.3mm


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