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The TE17 Dual Phase Serum-Powder Mixing Dropper Bottle is a cutting-edge product designed to offer an exceptional user experience by combining liquid serums with powdered ingredients in a single, convenient package. This unique dropper bottle features a dual-phase mixing mechanism and two dosage settings, making it a versatile and highly functional choice for various skincare formulations.

  • Model NO.: TE17
  • Capacity: 10+1ml, 20+1ml
  • Material: PETG, ABS, PP
  • Service: OEM ODM Private Label
  • Option: Custom color and printing
  • Sample: Avaliable
  • MOQ: 10000
  • Usage: Skincare products such as anti-aging serums, brightening treatments, hydration boosters, and targeted treatments.

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Key Features and Benefits

1. Dual Phase Mixing Mechanism

The TE17 dropper bottle is designed to keep liquid serums and powdered ingredients separate until the moment of use. This dual-phase mixing mechanism ensures that the active ingredients remain potent and effective, providing maximum benefits to the user. Simply press the button to release the powder into the serum, shake to mix, and enjoy a freshly activated skincare product.

2. Two Dosage Settings

This innovative bottle features two dosage settings, allowing users to customize the amount of product dispensed based on their needs. Whether you require a small amount for targeted application or a larger dose for full-face coverage, the TE17 offers flexibility and precision in dispensing.

TE17 Dropper Bottle (3)
TE17 Dropper Bottle (1)

3. Customizable and Stylish

Customization is key to brand differentiation, and the TE17 dropper bottle offers various options to match your brand's aesthetic. Choose from a range of colors, finishes, and labeling options to create a cohesive and attractive product line. Customization options include:

Color Matching: Tailor the bottle color to your brand's identity.

Labeling and Printing: Add your logo, product information, and decorative elements with high-quality printing techniques.

Finish Options: Select from matte, glossy, or frosted finishes to achieve the desired look and feel.

4. High-Quality Materials

The TE17 Dual Phase Serum-Powder Mixing Dropper Bottle is made from premium, durable materials (PETG, PP ,ABS) that ensure longevity and protect the integrity of the ingredients. The high-quality plastic and components are designed to withstand regular use and maintain the product's effectiveness.


The TE17 Dual Phase Serum-Powder Mixing Dropper Bottle is suitable for a wide range of cosmetic and skincare products, including:

Anti-Aging Serums: Combine potent serums with active powdered ingredients for a powerful anti-aging treatment.

Brightening Treatments: Mix brightening serums with vitamin C powder to enhance radiance and even skin tone.

Hydration Boosters: Blend hydrating serums with hyaluronic acid powder for intense moisture.

Targeted Treatments: Create custom formulations for acne, pigmentation, and other specific skin concerns.

Handling and Storage

Storage Conditions: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
Handling Instructions: Handle with care to avoid damage to the mixing mechanism and ensure optimal performance.

For more information or to place an order, please contact us at info@topfeelgroup.com.

Item Capacity Parameter Material
TE17 10+1ml D27*92.4mm Bottle & bottom cap:PETG
Top cap & Button:ABS
Inner compartment:PP
TE17 20+1ml D27*127.0mm
TE17 Dropper Bottle (2)

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