High-end Essencial Oil Serum Pressing Dropper Bottle with Window

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Pressing Serum Dropper Bottle with Window

  • Model No.: TE07
  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Closure Style: Screw Cap
  • Material: PETG & ABS
  • Surface: Natural gloss
  • Application: Essence, serum
  • Printing: Private service
  • Decoration: Color painting, plating

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High-end Dropper Bottle with Window Design

Product Information

Component: Cap, inner bottle, outer case.

Material: Inner bottle and cap are made of high quality PETG material, the outer case is made of ABS material.

Available capacity: 15ml

Model No. Capacity Parameter Remark
TE07 15ml  27mm*104.5mm For essence, serum


This dropper bottle is designed with a small window, people can see the formula amount inside. When they push the button, they can also control per dosage well.

We also recommend that skincare brand will have some vitamin C or naturally effective plant components in their brand. If your formulas get colors, then this product will looks more beautiful.

In our main pictures, you can fidn they are injected in white or black, the last onw is plated in shiny silver.

Of course, we support more private service to the color and printing.

Here are some cases

PD03 Dropper Essence (1)
PD03 Dropper Essence (2)
PD03 Dropper Essence (6)

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