TOPFEELPACK CO., LTD is a professional manufacturer, specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of cosmetics packaging products.  Topfeel uses a continuous technological innovation to meet the changing cosmetic packaging market, keep improving, pay attention to the customer’s brand management and overall image. Use rich design, production, and experience in large customer service, as soon as possible to meet the customer’s needs for packaging.

      In 2021, Topfeel have undertaken nearly 100 sets of private molds. The development goal is “1 day to provide drawings, 3 days to produce the 3D protype”, so that customers can make decisions about new products and replace old products with high efficiency, and adapt to market changes. At the same time, Topfeel responds to the global environmental protection trend and incorporates features such as “recyclable, degradable, and replaceable” into more and more molds to overcome technical difficulties and provide customers with products with a truly sustainable development concept.